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Updates & Release Notes

Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG
Date released: Dec. 12, 2022
* Improved camera following the player in the world
* Improved camera following the player in towns
* Autopathing can now be resumed
* You can now autopath to any area from the world map
* Added additional content to the town of Balor
* Visual improvements
* Origin town can now be warped to at any time for free
* Story quest givers can now be seen on the overview map
* Dog petting
* Connectivity improvements
* Potential workaround for zooming issues on Vivo devices
Orna: The GPS RPG
2022 H2 Item & Mechanics Patch
Date released: Nov. 29, 2022
Starting December 1st, Daily Rewards calendars will:

* Only include 8 days until the final reward
* No longer be tied to a month - they can roll over if you start your journey late in the month
* No longer have their progress reset until a period of inactivity has been reached
* No longer have their progress reset on a tier change
* Be unique to each player

* December content item adjustments
-- Candy Cane: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, missing HP regen bonus
-- Caroling Lute: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, Now causes Lulled, Gives 10% Follower Stats
-- Reinbow: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, skills now miss less often
-- Sleighblade: Added 3% luck, Added Ward, +1 adornment slot, battles start with Ward active
-- Fancy Belt: Added 3% luck, Adds all weapon proficiencies
-- Jolly Stockings: Added 15% Luck bonus
-- Lasting Lantern: added 3% Luck
-- North Star: added magic
-- Presents: now gifts random materials from world farming
-- Top Hat: Added 3% Luck, double handed weapon bonus
-- A couple new additions :)

* November content item adjustments
-- Palm Tree Branch (Aegir Stance) increase defense bonus and added a significant attack debuff
-- Arisen Willow Branch: increased Ward and decreased the follower act rate reduction, changed from “Staff” to “Archistaff” weapon type
-- Treecutter: Increased attack power
-- Arisen Olympian Joist: Increased magic power
-- Globe Holder: Added HP and increased Ward. When Atlas stance is active, defenses are increased
-- Ophion Banner: Greatly increased chance to disperse status effects

* August content item adjustments
-- Agathodaemon Hammer: greatly increased the damage dealt to opponent Ward

* Base game item adjustments
-- Increased the luck bonus cap to 400%
-- Eye of the Feyger: increased the chance to give temporary crit
-- Hydra Staff: Added increased summon power
-- Fey Chimera armor: can now be used by any class, increases summon power, increased follower stat and act bonuses
-- Fey Dragon Mage gear: Added summon power and protection bonus
-- Arisen Staff of Wolves: Added increased follower act rate
-- Added Ancient Fire Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Water Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Earth Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Dark Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Lightning Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Holy Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Silver Kris: Added Doublecut ability, Crit bonus
-- Rune Sword: Added Resistance
-- Fog Blade: Now causes Asleep instead of Blind
-- Mirror & Polished Mirror: Added Resistance, Reflect off-hand ability
-- Wyvern Blades: Added Sea Strike off-hand ability
-- Gorgon's Staff: Added Petrify chance, increased adornment slots
-- Black Dragon Armor: Increased defense and resistance, added adornment slots
-- Chimera Stacatto: Changed buffs to T. Res ↑↑↑, T. Def ↑↑↑
-- Nekromancer's Staff: now increases summon and pact power
-- Lost Art: Now deals additional critical hit damage
-- Yeti Mightycoat: Increased Def and Res, added additional status protections
-- Imagination: Increased adornment slots

* NPC quest item adjustments
-- Hermes Coin Purse: Increased Gold bonus
-- Sala's Hood + Robe: Added Crit bonus and boss item scaling
-- Dalan's Hood + Robe: Added foresight, mana, and boss item scaling
-- Beatrice's Staff: Greatly increased magic power
-- Dudley's Hammer: : Greatly increased attack power, added Ward
-- Firepike: Increased view distance bonus to 23%, converted to hybrid weapon and can be equipped by all classes
-- Fail-not: Added a 50% never-miss bonus, greatly increased attack, added crit bonus
-- Nolan's Staff: Increased magic, added mana, increased Starstruck chance, added never-miss bonus
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: Nov. 29, 2022
* December content and artwork
* New Keep feature: the training cactus
* Upscaled battle backgrounds
* Updated preflights dungeons, raids, monsters
* Improved graphics options
* Vibration options: All, Some, or None
* Sprite updates
* Bug fixes
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 11/07
Date released: Nov. 7, 2022
* Monsters that are part of an event will ignore dungeon floor tier restrictions, making event content accessible to any tier of dungeon
* Monsters that are part of an event will now have a slightly better chance to seed on a floor in solo mode
* November's event questline now branches after Chapter 1.1, allowing immediate access to the Titans (without needing to farm Stardrops). This was the original intention for the questline.
* To address growing damage inflation concerns, a damage cap was added of 9,999,999 damage per hit. Let us know your thoughts on it in Discord!
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 10/04
Date released: Oct. 4, 2022
Thanks a ton for your feedback on Feralia's hunt!

A few players have shared with us that they just aren't in a real life position to be getting good playtime at night -- be it from a new addition to the family, a new or demanding job, and more. This was compounded by the green rarity of the dropped items.

We get it, and have decided to ensure all pumpkin pail monsters will show at any time of day. Additionally, the rarity of the items will become "Common".