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Updates & Release Notes

Orna: The GPS RPG
2023 H1 Balance & Mechanics Patch
Date released: May 31, 2023
Damage multiplier: what the community refers to as “penetration”
Damage output: post defense damage adjustment

Summoner Classline

[PvP] Blood Pact I/II/III: Capped maximum damage multiplier to 3.0
[PvP] Battalions: Summons are now less likely to protect the summoner in PvP battles
[PvE] Attuner/Grand Attuner: Decreased the chance that Battalions will protect the player in battle
[PvE/PvP] Attuner/Grand Attuner: Decreased HP
[PvE/PvP] Upgraded Summoner Hydrus/Grand Summoner Hydrus Battalions passive from I to II
[PvE/PvP] Summoner Hydrus/Grand Summoner Hydrus: Increased most player stats
[PvE/PvP] Summoner Hydrus/Grand Summoner Hydrus: The Hydrus passive now increases summoner stats as summons are defeated, but no longer gives the player a second chance

Titan Augments

[PvE/PvP] Steady Hands of Prometheus: decreased crit damage bonus to 10%, crit chance from 12% to 8%
[PvE/PvP] Steady Hands of Selene: Decreased hybrid damage bonus from 20% to 15%
[PvE/PvP] Two-handed Celestial Weapons now gain 1 additional augment slot

Thief Classline

[PvE/PvP] Realmshifter: All stats slightly increased
[PvE/PvP] Realmshifter: To better synergize with Resurgence, replaced Recharge II with Recharge
[PvE/PvP] Arcanic/Nyx/Realmshifter: New passive: Avidity. This passive gives these classes the ability to gain additional turns in battle
[PvE/PvP] Arcanic: Replaced “Critical Hits” with “Avidity”
[PvE/PvP] Nyx: Replaced “Saboteur” with “Avidity”
[PvE/PvP] Realmshifter Dorado: Added Avidity III
[PvE] Realmshifter Corvus will now keep its crit chain from floor to floor in dungeons

Valhallan Classline

[PvE/PvP] Beowulf: All stats slighty increased, Recharge passive removed
[PvE/PvP] Beowulf: Valhallan Dissonance now affects both the player and follower
[PvE/PvP] All Valhallan classes now have minor built-in follower AI bonuses, allowing followers to avoid using skills that may hit elemental immunities, etc
[PvE/PvP] When under an AI bonus, followers will now be considerate of offensive buffs when choosing a skill to use
[PvE/PvP] When under an AI bonus, followers will now prioritize dealing damage when opponent HP is low
[PvE/PvP] Valhallan classes: new passive, Bestial Bonds. The monster type of a follower now gives a variety of additional stats and passive effects

Other Classlines

[PvE/PvP] Deity Ara: Replaced Omnimancy with Unstable Omnimancy
[PvE/PvP] Deity Ara: Increased Steadfast to Steadfast II
[PvE/PvP] Gilgamesh Ursa: Can now wear thief gear

General changes

[PvE/PvP] Time Mage/Chronomancer: Added skills that can affect the turn order in battle
[PvE/PvP] Corrected an issue that caused spells like Deific Channel to be overprioritized by the follower AI due to it being both a ward upkeep and buffing spell
[PvE/PvP] Adjusted monster AI to allow better buff application for some particular monsters (Phaethon, for example)
[PvE/PvP] Ultimastrikes: Decreased turns required to 2
[PvE/PvP] Followers are now affected by your faction bonus
[PvE/PvP] Slightly reduce damage multiplier of all Ara Vesta spells
[PvP] Ultima: Decreased damage multiplier by 25%
[PvE/PvP] All Seal/Strike III elemental abilities can now crit
[PvP] Skills such as Perfect Shot can now be used to bypass Battalions and Valhallan
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